Apply early for US visa: US Embassy

US Embassy has informed that Indians planning to visit United States should apply early for the visa. The statement has been put forward, as part of a heavy rush in applicants with summer ahead.

The applicants have to wait around 30 days for the visa interview. Also, the applicants are advised to be aware of black-market or other channels in applying for a US visa.

“Mission India’s non-immigrant visa workload is one of the largest in the world, processing over a million visas a year. In the last five years, the demand for visas to travel to the United States has increased by over 60 per cent. Travellers should apply early to avoid potential delays,” said the statement.

Recently, the Trump led US government has tightened the visa rules. As per the new rules an applicant for the US visa should enter all the details such as previous phone numbers, email address, and social media history in order to qualify for visa processing.

Meanwhile, without any doubt, the strict security questionnaire would be a headache for international travellers. However, the rule won’t affect diplomatic as well as official visa applicants. Additionally, the new rule has the possibility to affect over 710,000 immigrants and 14 million non-immigrant visa applicants.