Now, you can book local art performances of Kerala, online

The Responsible Tourism (RT) Mission is crafting a new web portal which will enable art lovers to make online booking of performances.  Performers will put up their work along with the details of the artists on the site. The portal is aimed at promoting local art forms, including dance, music, via online marketing.

Artists who are interested in being part of the initiative can register at the mission’s district offices.

“The unique initiative will offer a digital platform for artists to reach out to wider audiences. It will also make it easier for programme organisers to get their favourite artist without having to resort to middlemen,” said RT mission state coordinator K Rupesh Kumar.

“Programme organisers are exploited by middlemen while booking artists. A main advantage of the initiative is the portal will end this exploitation. By availing the service of the portal, organisers will be able to book directly with the facility to make payments online,” said Roopesh.