Railway to open heritage steam loco for tourists

National Rail Museum is all set to open heritage steam loco operated trains, exclusively for the tourist in the next years. The steam engines used way back in 1856 years, were the oldest ageing 150 years.

The 1920 loco model Phoenix, RamGoti 1865 and Fireless Locomotive made in 1951 is under restoration by the engineers. All the engines are said to undergo durability test before opening it for the tourist, added railway.

“We are restoring them for tourism purposes. The first one to be ready by this year-end is the Fireless loco and is likely to be in the NRM (National Rail Museum) for tourist use,” said Amit Saurastri, National Rail Museum Director.

Each loco in the museum has its own distinctive history and heritage, with respect to the service it offered. The Phoenix loco was used for shunting, whereas the RamGoti was used by Kolkata municipality for garbage disposal.