Take a look at India’s first ISO 9000 certified house

The Surana family

We have only heard of ISO certifications in businesses. But, here’s one family in Chennai, who are very familiar with the term as they are India’s first, and probably the only family, to get an ISO 9000 certification. The family house of Leelavathy and Parasmal Shikhermal Surana (P.S. Surana), who run an international law firm Surana & Surana, being awarded the ISO 9000 certification in 2004.

To begin with, they started shortlisting the vendors whom they would buy provisions and vegetables. The family ensured that food items did not include preservatives and chemicals. Next, they organised the kitchen shelves with set spaces for various utensils and provisions. All containers were labelled, all vegetables were chopped and stored, fixed menu for the different meals were planned for the whole year. Every room in the house was given a name.

“While setting our own parameters and adhering to it, it was also necessary to show improvement in whatever we did, periodically. Every six months, ISO officials visit us for an audit and that’s when these statistics are inspected for renewal. Like in any commercial establishment, we even maintain a visitor’s book, where every guest who comes in makes an entry with their comments,” said Vinod, son of P S Surana.

Every adult in this family is a lawyer. In keeping with the ISO guidelines, each member of the family has been given a designation and a role, with their work instructions listed in a manual: Surana (67) is Household Head, Leela (62) as Household Representative, Rashmi (41) as Management Representative, Vinod (44) and their two children, Keerti and Dev Kartik, are Permanent Customers. Guests and visitors are also Temporary Customers, who are expected to give a feedback, which is very much required for maintaining the certification.

Every room in the house, which is called Sudharma, has a name. The guestroom is called Atithi, the kitchen is Annalakshmi, the dining room is Trupti, the puja room is Kevalyadham, the living room is Ashiyana, the children’s room is Sishu Kutir, the study-room-cum library is Saraswati, the bedroom for the older couple is Aanchal and for the younger one is Vaibhav, and the storeroom is Kothar.

Next year, the family plans to apply for the ISO 9000:2015 certification.