Bone Broth, the elixir of Rejuvenation

In modern medical industry healing, the root cause of a disease is perhaps a taboo in which we suppress it with instant antibiotics. Most of these medicines have a short-term effect and the problems reccur instantaneously.

Problems arising from arthritis to dandruff, from sinusitis to chronic irritability syndromes (IBS and IBD), and not last but not the least the multi billion-dollar cosmetic industry, autoimmune conditions and even allergies can be cured through bone broth.

All the above-mentioned problems arise from the chronic inflammation that occurs due to our modern diets, genetic compositions and a lifestyle that lacks exercise regiments.

A small recipe, that can act as a superfood to put an end to all the so-called ailments ‘Bone Broth’ is the answer. A simple solution to healing the root cause of your inflammations and chronic autoimmune conditions that doctors fail to diagnose.

The possibility of Bone Broth is enormous, as it is rich with multi-minerals and rich in collagen -(a protein that holds the tissues together). Additionally, the collagen peptides nourishes the bones, ligaments and tendons which tends to be weakened due to ageing and inflammation.

Broth can be made best with Chicken, lamp or beef cartilage, that should be simmered or pressure cooked for 1 to 2 hours straight along with your favourite vegetables. Also, pouring small quantities of apple cider vinegar along with the broth while cooking helps to draw the full spectrum of amino acids and minerals out of the bones.

One key thing to remember is that the broth thus made should be cooled down to peel out the additional fat deposit, which our body doesn’t need.

The gelatine property of the broth is essential for the gastrointestinal tract, as it nourishes the lengthy intestine with essential amino acids, that lacks in the modern diet. It even support the good bacteria (probiotics) which tends to loose during an antibiotic course disturbing the gut garden.

Collagen, also has the additional bonus of protecting the skin from wrinkles and other patches occurred due to bacterial and hormonal basis.