Take a ride at the world’s longest sea cable car

Sea cable car located at Phu Quoc Island District is said to be the world’s longest cable car route at southern province of Kien Giang in Vietnam. The cable car route is about 8.9 kilometres long connecting An Thoi Town and Hon Thom Island. The car would take around 15 minutes to connect from one end to other, with a max speed of 8.5 metre per second.

The connecting system has 3 cable ropes capable of carrying 30 passengers each. The project was invested by Sun Group developer, which aims to magnet a large number of tourist to the island.

Last year, around 260,000 tourist arrivals were registered in Phu Quoc Island, followed by 40 per cent international arrivals. The island also hosts Phu Quoc National Park with around 929 plant species that even includes endangered plant species.