Cathay Pacific ends skirts-only policy after 70 years

Cathay Pacific has decided to end its 70-year-old skirts-only rule for female uniformed staff after the flight attendants’ union won the right to wear trousers. The change would take place during the next uniform refresh, which is expected to be in three year’s time at the soonest.

“We welcome and appreciate the company’s decision on giving us an option in choosing uniforms,” said Pauline Mak, vice chair of the Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants Association. She said many female colleagues had expressed concern over wearing short shirts while working, especially when putting passengers’ luggage into overhead compartments and also when taking public transport off duty. “It not only provides us one more option, but also provides us with protection,” Mak added.

The Hong Kong flag carrier airline said it would re-evaluate the uniforms for Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon. “Just as we recognise it is important to provide our customers with more choice, the same is also true for our colleagues,” the airline said.

Cathay Pacific flight attendants requested a redesign of their uniforms in 2014 as they were too revealing and may provoke sexual harassment.