Ernakulam to be air-horn-free

Around 100 air horns fitted in inter-state heavy vehicles were removed in a joint vehicle check that was carried out by officials from the State Transport Authority and the District Police Office in the city. The department wants to ensure that the city becomes air-horn-free and has strengthened the vehicle check.

“Over 100 air-horn pipes have been seized in less than 2 hours, with the majority of them being found in inter-state heavy vehicles,” said George Joseph, Motor Vehicle Inspector.

As per the regulation, no motor vehicle including agricultural tractors shall be fitted with multi-toned horns that sound a succession of different notes or with any other device that produces an unduly harsh, shrill, loud or alarming noise.

“Even though the horns are legally banned, it is noticed that many vehicles are using such air-horns. In some of the vehicles as many as 6 airhorns were found. This needs to be tackled. Earlier, the authorities used to fine those vehicles flaunting air-hones, but however, it reappears after some time. So, this time, the department has decided to unmount the air-hones from the vehicles,” explained George Joseph.

Since the air-horn switches are kept in secret spaces, the department is seeking the help of trained technicians to carry out the search. Inspections will be tighter in the coming months, said the department.