Ban on slaughterhouse near Delhi airport

South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has issued a proposal to ban on slaughtering of animals and birds, within 10 km radius of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.

The new move is to ensure safety for flight, from scavenger birds that have been causing a frequent threat to aircraft. The proposal further concludes as any violations informed by the authority could end up in a licence cancel.

“No licence to poultry shops, running within a 10-km radius from boundary wall of Delhi airport, shall be granted,” said SDMC health committee.

According to Bhagat Singh Tokas, councillor from Muirka, “Waste from unauthorised slaughterhouses are the main causes of increase in bird activity, that can even cause air crash”.

“The committee has also proposed that such shops will not be allowed within a 100m radius of religious places from the existing 50m. We have also proposed that such activity not to be allowed from 100 metres of schools in the revised policy,” added Bhagat Singh Tokas. The new law also has increased the licence fee renewal for meat shop owners, who have to pay Rs 3,500 instead of Rs 2,400.