Pedestrian bridge collapses in Florida, killing at least 4

A pedestrian bridge under construction collapsed onto a busy Miami highway killing 4 and leaving many injured. The pedestrian bridge was installed last Saturday, connecting the Florida International University campus with the city of Sweetwater, Florida.

The 950-ton bridge, collapsed crushing vehicles beneath its massive slabs of concrete, was expected to open to foot traffic next year.

Eight cars were crushed under the bridge and at least 10 people were transported to local hospitals, two of them in critical condition. The situation went worse due to vehicles being forcefully stopped due to a red traffic signal.

As per reports, the police requested the local television helicopters to leave the area, in order to create a smooth rescue operation.

Meanwhile, a team of investigators have been grouped by the National Transportation Safety Board, to review how the $14.2 million bridge, that was designed to even combat Hurricane collapsed.