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Get Ready for the Goan Carnival

Photo Courtesy:goa-tourism.com

Traveller’s Paradise, Goa is all geared up for ‘The Great Goa Carnival’. The fest is all about showcasing Goan Food and Cultural extravagance, followed by a float parade among different parts of the city. The event is to be held from 10th to 13th February.

The carnival is celebrated every year based on the Christian belief of Mardi Gras (Fat Wednesday). Great Goa Carnival includes a feast, drinks, dancing and is observed throughout the state. The fest is celebrated following the traditions passed by Portuguese who had controlled Goa for 500 years.

‘Every year a Goan native is selected to play the fabricated personality (King Momo) all along the parade, and this year Bruno Azaredo is chosen for the role’, said the tourism department.

Photo Courtesy:goa-tourism.com

Tourists are the major highlights of the fest with their prominence in parades with live bands and dances. As the street forgets to sleep, the carnival thus marks the tourism season of the state.

Schedule of the float parades are as follows:

10th February at Panjim

11th February at Margao

12th February at Vasco

13th February at Mapusa