Making world a better, happy home!

We have been hearing interesting stories about couples/families going on a world tour. Seldom can we see parents taking their children along with them, neglecting their schooling. But, this Australian couple has gone one step ahead. Not only did they take their children along with them, they have even sold out their home to travel the world around.

photo courtesy: Instagram hertravellingtribe

Clare and Andrew Barnes and their children (Lily 11 and Spencer 9), who calls themselves ‘The travelling tribe’, is currently in Asia covering Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.

photo courtesy:instagram hertravellingtribe

The duo opted to travel thinking that they would get the best knowledge as well as experience about culture, people etc.  They spent almost six months to build a complete travel plan and started their journey when the plan for a year was ready with them.

photo courtesy:instagram hertravellingtribe

Clare told the world about selling their home through her website and raised a budget of $150 a day for food, accommodation and other expenses. “We decided to teach our children in Australian syllabus to establish a better quality of education while travelling. Children are now learning new things in their life through new experiences. “With 4 backpacks and a heart full of dreams, we have set off. Our first stop is South East Asia, followed by the UK and Europe,” says Claire.