Pesarattu, the healthy Andhra cuisine

Pesarattu or Pesara dosa is a traditional food of Andhra Pradesh. It is served as breakfast or snacks. Green gram is the main ingredient of the dish.


Green gram            – 1cup (cleaned and soaked in water for four to seven hours)

Rice                         -1 cup (cleaned and soaked in water for four to seven hours separately)

Turmeric powder    – ½ table spoon (optional)

Onion                    -1 chopped nicely

Chilly                     – 2 chopped nicely

Cumin seeds           – ¼ table spoon

Ginger                    –1 small piece

Oil to fry

Salt to taste

Preparation method

Grind the soaked green gram and rice together with Salt and ginger. Add turmeric powder to this batter if needed.  Batter must be of dropping consistency. Heat pan. Apply oil all over the pan. Pour some batter into it. Spread the batter with ladle moving in circular motion. Add little oil, cumin, chopped onion and chilly. Press lightly with ladle. Flip it over to other side. Cook until crispy dosa is done.

This can be served hot with coconut chutney. Average Cooking time is 15 minutes.