Pranayama will help us in our fight against COVID, says Prime Minister Modi on Yoga Day

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Pranayama will help us in building immunity and curing respiratory illnesses, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said. Addressing the nation on Yoga Day 2020, Modi emphasised the benefits of yoga and how it is helping the world in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“Yoga is helping us in this fight against this pandemic. The pranayama will help us in building immunity and resolving respiratory illnesses,” he said.

Highlighting the importance of exercises, PM Modi requested citizens to make yoga a part of their regular life. “All of us are doing yoga at home with the family. International Day of Yoga gives a message of universal brotherhood,” he said.

Yoga gives mental peace, helps in bringing positivity. “If we can fine-tune our chords of health and hope, the day is not far away when the world will witness the success of healthy and happy humanity. Yoga can definitely help us make this happen.”

“Yoga enhances our quest for a healthier planet. It has emerged as a force for unity and deepens the bonds of humanity. It does not discriminate, it goes beyond race, colour, gender, faith, and descent.” The Prime Minister said.

The world is realising the need of Yoga, even more, today due to the coronavirus pandemic. “If our immunity is strong, then it helps in fighting against the disease. There are Yoga practices that boost our immunity and improve metabolism. Coronavirus attacks our respiratory system. ‘Pranayam’, a breathing exercise is something that helps us the most in making our respiratory system strong,” Modi said.

For the first time since it was instituted on June 21, 2015, Yoga Day celebrations will be held virtually due to coronavirus. This year’s theme is “Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family”.

The proposal to observe Yoga Day was introduced by Modi in his address during the opening of the 69th Session of the General Assembly back in 2014. The World Health Organization (WHO) mentions yoga as a means to improve health in its Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018–2030: More active people for a healthier world.