Vienna’s Ferris Wheel turns again, as business normalcy returns

Prater Ferris Wheel Vienna Austria

The Giant Ferris Wheel – synonymous with Vienna and tourism – which had been turning without interruption since the end of World War II was switched off for the first time in 75 years in mid-March due to COVID-19. But on Friday, the wheels were made to turn again, signalling the rekindling of life and business in the beautiful Austrian capital.

Mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig, set Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel in motion again, along with Nora Lamac, whose family has operated the Giant Ferris Wheel for generations.

Vienna is gradually opening shops, bars, restaurants and museums, as well as hotels and leisure centres, and turning of the wheel was indicative of this progress.

Said mayor Michael Ludwig, “In Vienna, the Giant Ferris Wheel is turning once more, hotels are reopening and city is slowly coming back to life. We have once again proved what the rankings such as those published by Mercer and the Economist have been showing for years: Vienna is a safe and liveable city with excellent infrastructure, and also adept at overcoming difficult situations.”

Giant Ferris Wheel CEO and co-owner Nora Lamac said, “Before corona, the Giant Ferris Wheel was in continuous service for more 70 years. When the wheel stops turning, life stands still. The fact that the wheel has started turning again gives grounds for hope – not just for me, but for the whole of Austria.”