Foreigners Outreach Cell set up in Kochi to help tourists

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The Police Commissionerate in Kochi has launched the ‘Foreigners Outreach Cell’ for providing assistance to foreign nationals who may be facing difficulties due to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak.

Foreign nationals can get help in procuring health clearance certificate, medical assistance, accommodation, transport, ticketing and visa by sending a text, audio or video message or a Whatsapp message to 8590202060.

As soon as the message reaches COVID-19 police control room at the Police Commissionerate at Kochi, a police officer will contact the foreign national in distress and gets his difficulty resolved.

The Police Commissionerate is continuously in touch with district health authorities and other doctors for providing assistance to foreigners from a health point of view. It has the custody of close to 1,000 rooms for accommodating quarantined people and also coordinates with airlines and other embassies to assist foreign tourists.

Foreign nationals can avail of this service through the FB, Instagram, Twitter and Website links of Police Commissionerate Kochi.