Annual Cake Mixing Ceremony at The Leela Raviz, Kovalam

It’s not yet Christmas, but the exhilarating aroma of the Annual Cake Mixing Ceremony in the Terrace restaurant of The Leela Raviz, Kovalam brought alive the rich tradition and unveiled the spirit of the festive season.

Spreading the cheer along with the chefs, media friends, corporate guests and in-house guests the highlight of the ceremony was the twenty children gang from Sree Chithra Home, Pazhavangadi who were the chief guests of the ceremony. Everyone was dressed in typical Chefs attire of caps and aprons amidst tradition and fanfare. Guests and colleagues together rolled up their sleeves and put their hands in the mixing table to make a delicious Christmas cake.

An interesting array of fruits, spices were added to the mix. The mixing reached a spirited level when endless bottles of liquors, fruit syrups, molasses, honey and essence were added.

After the Cake Mixing Ceremony- the children were taken for a show around of the hotel and they were gifted with chef’s special chocolate cupcakes and toffees. This year the Annual Cake Mixing Ceremony at The Leela Raviz Kovalam, Trivandrum surely has created everlasting memories.