TRILL launches AI-powered travel platform curated by global content creators

TRILL, the world’s most robust curated content marketplace for travel, is announcing its official launch. TRILL’s platform features ‘Instagrammable’ travel experiences powered by user-generated content. It allows users to search by destination, hashtag, and experience, build actionable itineraries and book hotels, activities and restaurants directly from its 1000+ creators’ Instagram content.

“From my perspective, millennials pick experiences and destinations based on their Instagram-ability, which is fueled by a desire to replicate the incredible experiences they see on their social feeds, said TRILL’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Eric Shepard. “’70 per cent of all Instagram content is travel related,’1 it’s the best source for travel planning. Knowing this, I set out to design a unique platform that gathers and structures this content, making it actionable for travel,” he adds.

Shepard, based in Manhattan, has worked in hospitality and technology for 10+ years, and previously played an integral role in growing El Media Group to its acquisition.

In addition to the newfound possibilities for end-users, travel brands also benefit from TRILL. The platform drives direct bookings from organic social content and provides data on which content creators are driving ROI to their brand. TRILL’s portfolio of over 25 booking distribution partners includes Tablet Hotels, GetYourGuide, HomeAway, OpenTable, and direct partners include IHG Hotels, Dream Hotels, Arlo Hotels, and Standard Hotels.

“The way people research and book travel is constantly evolving, and TRILL caters to those who search primarily through social,” said Katherine Solomon, Area Director of Revenue for Arlo Hotels. “We’re excited to capture new, forward-thinking audiences with TRILL.”

Content creators selected by TRILL now have an additional monetization source for their content. By using TRILL, these individuals are compensated for each piece of travel that is booked through their images. TRILL looks for global content creators who document their travel experiences on Instagram that specialize in specific categories such as wellness, foodie, adventure, and others. TRILL rewards its content creators for connecting people to places they love.

“Finding a way to tap key influencers and translating Instagram posts to travel bookings has been an elusive goal for the travel industry. TRILL is addressing this opportunity by focusing on key content creators (tastemakers), enabling Instagram booking capabilities to become a reality,” said industry analyst Norm Rose, president of Travel Tech Consulting, Inc.

TRILL and its custom AI technology categorizes each piece of social content by hotel, activity or restaurant. TRILL’s algorithms then match each photo to the most accurate booking partner.

“With Instagram being the fastest growing platform in social media, TRILL provides a unique opportunity for that emerging creator class to create, inspire, and source information in a manner that is both actionable and rewarding,” said CEO of Gramlist and ski content creator Brandon Perlman, who uses the handle @mrluxuryski.

TRILL has been operating in private beta since April 2018 while Shepard tested the market and refined the company’s product offerings through innovation labs, startup pitch competitions and Plug & Play’s Travel Accelerator Program. TRILL has amassed over 1,000 approved content creators on its platform curating over 50,000 pieces of bookable content with a cumulative reach of 30 million Instagram followers.