Ghana should consider promoting sex tourism: Tourism Ambassador

Ghanaian radio and TV presenter, Abeiku Aggrey Santana, who in 2016 was announced as a Tourism Ambassador for Ghana, suggest promoting sex as a tourism booster in the country.

Santana says most tourists come to Ghana not only for the tourist sites, rich culture and history but to also to experience Ghana’s men and women.

“Sex tourism is not a promotion of promiscuity, what we are saying is, let’s have interracial marriage or relationships. When foreigners come let them like you as a man or woman and when that happens they will tend to continue the relationship with you,” said Santana, who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Kaya Tours.

Narrating his idea, Santana said, even though Ghana has not legalized sex trade, there are people doing it and therefore, it is about time the youth were educated to take advantage of the looming opportunities in sex tourism, adding that there are countries like Kenya, Gambia, Senegal who have educated their citizens to make themselves approachable and appealing to foreigners.

Abeiku Agrey Santana

“The problem is with our approach,” said Santana. “There are a lot of foreigners who come here, they like us but they can’t say it and we also like them but we also do not tell them. We should change our approach.”

Commenting on the chance of exploitation, Santana said, those who have been exploited were only because they lacked requisite education.

“People who have been exploited are those who have not been educated, if you are educated and you know what is at stake for you, you will not allow yourself to be exploited because you have an agenda and aim,” he said.

The TV presenter said these opinions have evolved from his experience as a tourism operator.

“Become friends with them and be strategic enough not to give in sex at the beginning of the relationship,” advised Santana.