Kerala to launch new tourism campaign – God’s Own Country 2.0

Kerala is recovering from the recent rain and floods that caused devastating damages to the state’s infrastructure and economy. Tourism being one of the major revenue earners of Kerala, prompt and adequate measures are taken by the state tourism department to streamline the tourism activities. The government is gearing to launch a revival campaign – God’s Own Country 2.0.

“The state’s tourism sector suffered infrastructure losses of around Rs 100 crore, while business losses count around Rs 500 crore,” said P Balakiran, Director, Kerala Tourism.

However, the state is going on with the 10th edition of Kerala Travel Mart, one of the biggest events for tourism development, to be held between September 27th and 30th.

“Things are now totally under control in Kerala. After around 20 days of the floods, there are no reports of epidemic so far. Since, what we experienced was the worst in a century; we are planning to redefine our tourism after this incident. To revive the confidence of tourists we are planning to launch a fresh campaign under God’s Own Country- version 2.0,” said Bala Kiran.

Currently, tourism count for around 10.3 per cent of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) and provides employment to about 15 lakh people.

“Last year our tourist inflow increased by 11 per cent, which was highest in nine years. We received around 11 lakh foreign tourists and 1.46 crore domestic tourists during the period. The first half of 2018 was also favourable; but the unexpected rain and floods has slow down the flow. However, we hope to revive the sector in the fourth quarter,” said Bala Kiran, while attending the Travel and Tourism Fair (TTF), which has been taking place in Ahmedabad.

“Most of the tourist attractions in Kerala are intact and ready to receive tourists,” he added.