From hospitality to silver screen – Meet Rahul Ramachandran, the youngest director in Mollywood

Rahul Ramachandran (Right) at shooting location

Meet Rahul Ramachandran, probably the youngest director in the Malayalam film industry. With his debut film ‘Jeem Boom Baa’, he is about to fulfil his lifetime dream to become a film maker. Hailing from the hospitality industry, 25 year old Rahul, with his young team is going to hit the silver-screen by February 2019. Interestingly all those in the technical team are from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Rahul shares his exciting journey which matches with a thrilling screenplay, with Manoj Attingal of Tourism News Live…

Poster of Jeem Boom Baa

What made you enter in to the film industry at this young age?

My passion for filming started from my school days. While in ninth class I used to make small movies, edit it in windows movie maker and show it to my friends. There was not much chance to show my works in the school. I used to make short films and show it at meetings of the resident’s association on festive occasions.

You are basically from the hospitality industry; how was the career path?

I started my career in a Call Center in Technopark. Later, joined South Park in Trivandrum. From there came to Hotel Leela Raviz in Kovalam.

When longed to make a feature film, how was the support from others to fulfill your dream?

From the film industry, director Vimal RS (‘Ennu Ninte Moitheen’ fame) was a great inspiration and encouragement. I have selfless support from my colleagues and superiors of Leela Raviz.

Rahul with Sachin VG – (Producer)

You told that you used to take short films; when have you decided to try wide screen?

I did nine short films so far. Some of them are available in YouTube. Recently Club FM asked me to make a short film for them, which became a hit and viral in YouTube. Ajith Nair from Raviz was the producer.  Some of my other short films also received good responses. Looking at the responses, I thought its time to try a feature film in the wide screen.

How did the screen play evolve?

In fact there are three persons behind the screen play – Limu Shankar, Vivek Raj and myself. The plot is about the happenings of a New Year eve for three film enthusiast friends – three different situations. The planning for the film started from December. It was a bit difficult to find a producer, but, later, one of my school mates, Sachin VG came forward to take it. Probably he would be the youngest feature film producer in the Malayalam film industry – who is just 23 years. The lead role is done by Askar Ali. Anju Kurian, Eka Sathyan, Baiju, Kannan Nair, Neha Saxena etc., are among the other cast.

Askar Ali and Anju Kurian

How is the project going now?

Shooting has already started and we are planning to finish it by the end of this month. The film is expected to hit the screens by February 2019.

Where did you complete you schooling?

I started with Vidyadhiraja in Pattoor, Thiruvananthapuram.  I have also studied in the Army school, Mannam Memorial High School and St. Teresa’s. While in Vidyadhiraja, I got selection to the army school. After two years, I left army school and joined MMRHSS (Mannam Memorial Residential Higher Secondary School) Neeramankara, as I found it difficult to comprehend Sanskrit. I did my plus two in St. Teresa’s.

Later I joined for Hotel Management in IIHM (International Institute of Management) in Bengaluru.