Meet Nadine, a traveller with a difference


Meet Nadine Sykora, who has travelled around 50 countries in the last eight years. Nadine 30 years old, hailing from Canada, is a multifaceted personality – a traveller, vlogger and YouTuber. She has recently visited India for the first time, as part of her travel.

After completing her studies, she had a wish to travel around the world before settling down in to a career. Later she fall in love with travelling and now she earns from travel more than that of regular employee. She now vlogs her travel stories into her YouTube channel ‘Hey Nadine’ and do stories for famous travel magazines and channels.

While commenting on her success story, she said we should not have fear of travelling and should start with a small budget. It is advisable to start from your own country; later can move out. Another thing a traveller should possess is patience. We should not worry, if the things go wrong in the first instance. Sometimes mishaps during the travel can make good stories.

Good practice is needed to be successful as a business person in the travelogue world. We should learn how to collaborate with organisations while maintaining your integrity and still create unique watchable contents.

The travel and tourism industry has grown big during the last 10 years. Development in social media has helped a lot for these. Travel costs are also less than before, all these contribute to encourage travellers to explore new places, says Nadine.

As per Nadine, mass tourism is not a sustainable model, as famous tourist spots will be crowded and we may not enjoy our travel. It is better to look for lonely, untapped places with less tourist footfall. It will make your story unique and interesting.

Commenting on her visit to India, she said India had always been in her prospective travel lists. She wanted to spend more days to explore the length and breadth of the vast country. She was astonished by the difference between each state and city and uniqueness of foods in each place.

Though, little worried about the traffic, noise, and chaos of the big cities of India, she is optimistic of dealing with them in due course.

We can expect her new stories about India soon on her YouTube channel.