Tourism activities and heavy load vehicles are banned in Idukki

Areal view of Aluva / Ernakulam by Indian Coastguard Team

In an advisory issued by Jeevan Babu  District Collector of Idukki, on behalf of the District Disaster Management authority, tourism and operations of heavy vehicles are banned in the Idukki District, until further notice.

The advisory states” As the rain is continued to be strong, there are chances of damages to the roads. Considering this, operation of tourist vehicles and heavy goods vehicles would be unsafe in this region. Therefore, as per section 34 of the Disaster Management Act 2005, the tourism and heavy goods vehicle operations in this region are banned, until further notice.”

Heavy rain continued to lash parts of Kerala on Thursday,  causing widespread damages.

Unabated rain has also filled up dams in Kerala. In order to contain the water flow, shutters of major dams have been opened. Water level in the Idukki dam has been increasing incessantly. Three shutters of the Cheruthoni Dam is open now to control the water flow. The water flow to the dam is still continuing, which may force the authorities to open more shutters, or increase the level of the opened ones.  Red alert has been declared on the shores of the Periyar river.

Idukki Dam, with 3 shutters open

The authorities have warned the public to abstain from adventurous activities near the dam and the rivers. Fishing and taking photographs and selfies may lead to disasters.

Meanwhile, the American embassy has advised their citizen to avoid travelling to the disaster prone regions of Kerala. The advisory asks to abstain from places of flood and landslides.