Second Sphinx said to be found in Egypt

Photo for Representation only

There has always been a rumour that a second sphinx is hidden somewhere in Egypt. Some recent news says, construction workers has found a statue of ‘lion’s body with a human head’, underneath, while they were working on a road at Al Kabbash.

The new statue is said to be found between the temples of Karnak and Luxor. Officials has confirmed the statue of Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt was near the Great Pyramids on the west bank.

According to local reports, a sphinx-like statue was found on Al-Kabbash Road, which connects the two temples of Karnak and Luxor built around 1400BC.

The ‘second sphinx’ has not yet been lifted from the ground, however, officials said tourists are welcome to visit the construction site to view the ancient statute.

No photographs of the structure have been published, the Director General of Antiquities has confirmed.

The authenticity of the news is sceptical, as no photograph is being published of the new found sphinx.