If you don’t have a parking space, you won’t be able to buy a car in Bengaluru

Those who don’t have parking area nearby their home cannot buy a car in Bangaluru now onwards. It was followed by an instruction from the state, the Minister for Transport D D Thamanna has made such an announcement.  However, the minister said that an awareness campaign will be launched before imposing this rule in the city.

The decision was aiming at easing the ever increasing traffic problems in the Bangaluru city. One of the main reason for traffic jams is parking of vehicles by the side of the roads by those having no parking space at their accommodations. Accordingly, it will be the responsibility of the car dealer to make sure that the buyer is having parking facility in his home.

The minister asked people to use public transport. Chief Minister Kumaraswamy will soon announce his decision as per the poll promise made by Congress to provide free bus passes, he said. As per the scheme, about 19.6 lakh students from Karnataka will receive free bus passes in the state.

The government spends about Rs 38,000 crore every year to tackle the traffic jams in Bengaluru, as per reports from a private agency. So the residents of Bengaluru will soon have to curtail their wish to own a new car unless they have space for parking their vehicle.

Besides, the ministry is seriously considering restriction of diesel vehicles in Bangaluru City.