Smartphones goes childproof

It is always a pain for parents to deal with the smartphone craving children. The new research from the University of South Carolina and China’s Zhejiang University is giving some good news to the parents with their new algorithm, that can differentiate a child from an adult.

Every parent’s nightmare is when their children unwantedly play with the smartphone that is been carelessly put aside leading to a variety of health hazards.

The new research states that kids have small hands and they tend to swipe and pressure the phone much more than that of an adult, which makes the algorithm to trigger the child lock.

The research data gave an accurate result of 84 per cent after testing it with a group of kids aged ‘3 to 11’ followed by adults who are aged between 22 and 60.

The data further found out that, children have shaky hands that ensures accuracy with the help of data from the accelerometer, which is embedded in all smartphones. The new research thus put forward a new form of security for certain apps or the entire phone itself, leaving the headache behind.