Beware of WhatsApp scams

Hoax messages are rapidly growing daily, with WhatsApp being the prime target, because of its wide popularity and reach. According to the reports, cybercriminals are continuously working on their part to steal the valuable information from the users though click bait, that can further compromise on bank details and password security from your smartphone.

The recent message that starts with “Adidas is giving away 3,000 Free Pair of Shoes to celebrate its 93rd anniversary. Get your free shoes at:,” that rapidly spread worldwide has been declared hoax by Adidas itself.

Adidas who is a market leader in the sports industry spoke about the situation as, “We are aware of the WhatsApp message that is currently circulating claiming that Adidas is giving away free footwear and would like to caution the public about believing this, as it is definitely a hoax”, said Lauren Haakman, Brand Communications & PR Manager of Adidas South Africa.

The link that appears in the message has a mirrors link that can steal your personal data, say experts. Regarding with this incident, reported that the scam has baffled over thousands of users, and the number can increase with WhatsApp having billions of users worldwide.