Move away from the popular destinations: Philippa Kaye

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“An utterly fantabulous 2 weeks in the UK. Now sitting in Manchester Airport; the man next to me asks where I am going and grimaces when I say Delhi. The second sentence out of his mouth is, “My wife won’t go there, there is too much poverty.” I reply in all innocence, “Oh, have you been?” He replies, with a sneer on his face, “No, not me, I don’t want to get Delhi Belly.” And then asks, “What do you do there?”

The general gist of the 5 minute rant which ensued was, “Well, sometimes I go and visit some of the UNESCO World Heritage sights, some weekends I go on a tiger safari, occasionally I head to the beach but actually I am more of an active person so I head to the hills and go trekking, sometimes white water rafting, sometimes cycling. Sometines I just stroll around old cities and discover the extraordinary culture which is impossible to avoid in the streets around me. Occasionally I visit temples and Gurudwaras and witness devotion and age old ceremonies. It’s quite fun to head out into the desert on a jeep safari or ride a marwari horse, and in between I gorge on some of the most delicious and varied food you can imagine. Regardless though, I meet some of the most extraordinary people on the planet and I am invariably humbled by the hospitality of people who by western standards may be poor, but who are rich in their hearts.”

I think he got the message.”

Reads the facebook page of Philippa Kaye, an avid traveller and a UK citizen who has been living in India for more than two decades.  Tourism News Live catches up with her for an exclusive interview where she discusses about the hidden treasures of India and how exciting a country it is. Excerpts:

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Having travelled the length and breadth of India for the past 20 something years, Philippa Kaye still says that she has not even covered half of this land. And, we ask her, with that obvious Indian frown and raised eyebrows, do you have that much to see in India? She has an answer for your frown. The one thing I found during all these years in India, is that people are not realising the potential of this place. You are still hanging around the Golden Triangle, and missing the abundance of amazing wildlife, unexplored places and the greenery of the place,” she says with an excitement only an avid traveller, a proud Indian can understand.

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Philippa is all excited about the food, culture, the people and the diversity of experiences India is offering to her. And, talk about the negative publicity that looms us, she says it is easy to get immersed in negative publicity when you are living in India. “The news channels and the social media channels like facebook are all equally good in spreading negativity around, she says.

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Her company, Indian Experiences, give training to people/tour operators/companies about the diversity of experiences India can offer to them. “There’s much more than the backwaters in Kerala; there’s so much more to see. People should focus lot more about moving away from the popular destinations and find unknown destinations, which will make the travel more exciting,” she says.

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Meanwhile, she raises a concern about the uncontrollable litter waste in the country. Philippa feels it is high time that the authorities and the people realise there’s a need to control the litter waste; especially the tourists. She also says that there needs to be a control on the already popular destinations and make sure that over population of tourists would do any damage to the decorum of the place.