Magnificent Miami

The port city Miami, situated in the sunshine state of Florida, USA, has pristine beaches that attract 14 million visitors each year. It is a land of cultural mix, art-loving people, Latin culture, and a 24 hour lifestyle. The weather is so warm throughout all seasons that attracts people from the northern states. It has Latin rhythm and Cuban cuisine everywhere. The city, at times, transforms to artistic centres with fine theatres and modern art galleries.

Miami is famous for its passenger ports and is stated as the largest ports in the whole of United States. Port Miami is known as the cruise capital of the world, with fleets of ships voyaging to different parts of the world. But the main attraction of the city is its dazzling beaches that have warm temperature throughout the year. It attracts most of the tourist from the north as an excellent place for skin tanning.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a US National Historic Landmark spreading across 50 acres, gives imported French and Italian layout with a picturesque view of the bay.

The city also has a Seaquarium which is a 38-acre oceanarium located on the island of Virginia key in Brisbane Bay, Florida. It is one of the oldest and consists of Marine mammals that will amaze you with their skill. The Seaquarium also features various other marine lives such as fish, shark, sea turtles, birds, reptiles and manatees.

And to the mainland, there is Jungle Island Miami, a zoological theme park consisting of 1000 varieties of parrots and 3000 other animals. The major attraction of this park is that it has an area that features large cats and wildlife.

What more is needed to enjoy your dream vacation? Miami will sure give you a majestic experience of your lifetime.