Cashless couple depend on charity for travel

In a bizarre incident, a couple from Germany, ‘Anna Karg’ and ‘Enoch Orious’, secured money through charity from strangers for their trips. The couple had just visited New Zealand and afterwards, they set out towards Australia.

“It’s about living our truth, and showing people how much love there is out there in the world,” said ‘Enoch Orious’ upon their viewpoint of travelling through charity.

Though the incidents look crazy, mixed reactions were upon their actions, a cheap form of getting around countries, as ‘beg-packing’, rather than ‘bag packing’.

The couple even took arrangements from a local internet cafe for a night stay. As it is hard to get hotel rooms on late nights, the couple together share their views on their facebook page, ‘Free From Money’

Through the page, the couples reveal the sad reality faced from media around them, as “ We are all people. We are all one. Please stop threatening people’s lives and please stop racism and nationalism or any kind of hate. That’s the true crime. I hope you understand that we don’t have the power or the time to answer all the comments or messages that have been given to us. A huge thanks to all of the supporters and all the haters, we love you all”